Regional Evaluation of Key Wells from the Deep Devonian
Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
Integrating Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy


FIS Profile Sour Gas Well

AREA          # of SAMPLES  # of WELLS   REMARKS
Gulf of Mexico   20,000         180      Generated 39 oil and gas leads
Norwegian Sea     5,500          25      Evaluated hydrocarbon type,
                                         migration and charging patterns.


- Present and Past Distribution of Petroleum
- Petroleum Type and Quality
- H2S Prediction
- Proximal Pay
- Bypassed Pay
- Seals -Compartments
- Reservoir Compartments
- Temperature and Timing of Petroleum Migration and Porosity Occlusion


Exploration Focus

- Potential Gas Columns downdip of Harmattan
- High H2S in the
Harmattan - Bearberry Area
- Potential Gas Columns in the
Garrington Area
- Seal, Reservoir and Product Risk in the
Ricinus to Obed Trend
- Gas Charged vs. Wet Nisku Reefs in the
Wildhay Basin
- Wabamun Gas Columns
Berland Musreau Trend

Regional Evaluation of Key Wells from the Deep Devonian
Integrating Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy

Fluid Inclusion Technologies and Continental Laboratories are conducting a regional evaluation of petroleum charge, H2S trends, seal and reservoir quality assessment from deep Devonian Formations within the Alberta portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The foundation for this study is fluid inclusion volatile analysis (Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy or FIS) of over 10,000 rock samples from 35 key wells, representing most of the current exploration fairways. Detailed fluid inclusion petrography, geochemistry and rock description will follow on potential reservoir sections that show significant FIS anomalies (possible migration pathways, paleo-hydrocarbon columns or present-day hydrocarbon columns). Use of these data will lead to better assessment of trap delineation, reservoir compartmentalization, reservoir quality, seal integrity and acid gas content allowing for more informed understanding of exploration risk.

Classical geochemical techniques that analyze residual pore fluids are often inadequate for determining where petroleum fluids have been, and are typically hampered by contamination, fractionation and alteration issues. Subsurface fluid processes leave resolvable chemical traces in the form of crystallographically trapped fluids in diagenetic cements and healed microfractures. These fluid inclusions are not subject to evaporation during sample storage or loss of light ends during sampling from depth. They persist in the geologic record long after the parent fluids have moved on, but are continuously formed even up to the very recent past. Hence, fluid inclusion studies have the potential to provide a detailed account of petroleum distribution and charge history.

Deliverables will consist of:
1) A comprehensive report on FIS (petroleum distribution and type; seals, proximal undrilled pay, etc.), reservoir quality, fluid inclusion geochemistry and timing of petroleum emplacement for each well.
2) A summary report of regional and local trends, including exploration significance.
3) Digital files and hard copy of all data and photomicrographs.

Estimated Delivery Date: October,2000. Pricing: $45,000 CDN

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                      Deep Devonian Key Wells and FIS Intervals
                                                            Total # 
Well Name                     Location     FIS Interval (m) Samples    FIS Problem to Resolve
Mobil Harm                    6-3-31-5W5      3100-4080       326      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Gulf Fina Nitchi              5-14-31-6W5     3300-4176       292      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S 
Cankee et al Bergen           10-25-31-6W5    3200-4052       284      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Shell Cdn-Sup Bentz           6-32-32-6W5     3300-4206       302      Leduc High H2S/Seal
Shell Cdn-Sup Bearberry       12-21-33-6W5    3200-4267       355      Leduc High H2S/Seal 
Shell Banner James            11-35-33-7W5    3300-4253       318      Leduc High H2S/Seal
Aztec Sylake                  16-11-37-5W5    2500-3137       212      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Chevron Garrington            16-25-36-6W5    2700-3575       291      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Husky et al Ricinw            11-33-35-10W5   4200-5190       330      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Amoco Norcen Ram              13-9-37-12W5    Banff-5462      350      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Poco Ram                      5-13-37-12W5    4300-5385       361      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Shell Rough                   11-1-38-13W5    4400-5570       390      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Amoco Mobil Stolberg          7-3-41-16W5     Banff-5694      425      Swan Hills Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Shell LovettR                 10-32-44-19W5   4400-5667       422      Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Amoco Mobil 102 Basing        7-32-48-21W5    4272-5155       294      Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Hess Robb                     6-36-49-23W5    4300-5466       388      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
PC et al Banshee              10-14-50-22W5   4000-4789       263      Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Shell Gregg Lake              7-7-53-26W5     4500-5450       316      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Talisman Renata Apetowun      1-3-52-22W5     3700-4539       279      Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
PC et al Lambert              5-36-51-22W5    3700-4517       272      Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
POC et al Obed                2-22-52-22W5    3600-4357       252      Blueridge-Nisku Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Sherritt Sundance             6-22-54-21W5    3300-3944       214      Blueridge-Nisku Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Saskoil et al Oldman          7-9-55-21W5     2200-3860       220      Blueridge-Nisku Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Mobil Cecilia                 11-25-56-22W5   2900-3803       301      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Mobil Cecilia                 16-24-56-22W5   2900-3820       306      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
CS Pinto                      10-15-56-27W5   4000-4778       259      Nisku-Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Mobil Cecilia                 2-2-57-22 W5    2950-3950       333      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Chevron Berlrw                9-23-57-25W5    3500-4351       283      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Mobil et al Bolton            8-34-58-1W6     3900-4940       347      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Norcen Conoco Seaforth        10-20-57-25W5   3700-4360       220      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Chevron Leland                5-27-59-26W5    3400-4233       277      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Texaco NFA Simonette          8-28-60-3W6     4000-4658       219      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
UNO-Tex LL&E Hermes           7-4-61-2W6      3900-4880       326      Wabamun Leduc Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Chevron Musreau               6-25-62-6W6     4100-4638       174      Wabamun Gas Column/Seal/H2S
Chevron et al Musreau         2-29-62-6W6     4200-4860       220      Wabamun Gas Column/Seal/H2S

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