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New Products - Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy, Petrographic Services

Continental Rocktell Services

Rapid Evaluation of Drill Cuttings
- Solve facies questions
- Completion questions
- Clay problems
- Fines migration

Get answers prior to the final decision on the well!!!
Services Provided:

Petrographic Services
- Calcimetry
- Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry
- Sieve Analysis
- Thin-Section Preparation - Cuttings
- X-Ray Diffractometry
Rock Properties
- Small Plug Porosity and Permeability
- Capillary Pressure (Mercury Injection) - Cuttings
- Acoustic Velocity Testing
- Mechanical Properties
- Rock Catalogue and Formation Characterization Studies
Paleontology Services
- Conodont Processing
- Foram Processing
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"FIS" Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy

Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy (FIS) is a technology, which provides a means of analyzing organic and inorganic fluid species within fluid inclusions trapped in cuttings, core or outcrop samples. The automated patented analytical system employs a novel, quadrupole mass spectrometer configuration that allows rapid chemical characterization of inclusion volatiles.
Large sample sets from single or multiple wells can be evaluated, allowing analysis of fluid inclusions in both archived samples (cutting or core), and currently drilling wells to play a key and cost-effective role in evaluation of exploration acreage and focusing of exploration efforts into the most prospective areas.

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